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Sharing God's love with families by providing a safe and caring place for kids to stay.

Ivy House Annual Report 2020 - 2021 

Ivy House Board of Directors

Amber Collins

Board Chair

Melanie Mohror

Vice Board Chair

Sarah Mertz

Board Treasurer

Nicole Hendrickson

Board Secretary

Andreas Braulick

Anna Friese

Kim Hanson

Shelly Hogue

Susan Klossner

Katie Schwartz

Steve Turvold

Our Team

Michelle Markgraf

Executive Director

Erin Miller

Operations Manager

Amber Black

Childcare Provider

Aubrey Fischer

Childcare Provider

Melissa Fluegge

Childcare Provider

Jessica Lehman

Volunteer Coordinator

Linda Reinarts

Childcare Provider

Molly Schalinske

Childcare Provider

As a psychologist I have the privilege of working with wonderful families. Many of these families could use more support and I like being a part of that solution. Being able to tell a struggling client there is a resource like Ivy House is so pleasing. In the last several years of my practice I've seen how even a few hours for a "time out" or break can really turn the tide for someone and instill hope. Also, as the mother of a 15 month old daughter, whom I adore, I've experienced first hand how challenging it can be to take care of a tiny human. We all need help sometimes. It takes a village.

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Katie Kuhlmann Schwartz

Board Member