24-Hour care and material support for children ages 0-12 for families in stressful situations

Childcare Program

Free confidential care for children ages 0-12 available 24 hours for up to a maximum of 72 hours at a time. The free care can be used 30 days within a calendar year. We follow a 1:3 caregiver to child ratio within a safe and loving home. We can have a maximum of 6 children at one time. Our caregivers are trained, background check certified and use best practices.

Family Advocate Program

Parents who use the Ivy House for their children may participate in our family advocate program. Parents meet with a family advocate 1 to 1 when they drop off their child. The family advocate will work with them to get connected with other programs in our community that can help them. Upon picking up their child the family advocate will meet with them once again to assess their needs going forward.

Clothing and Essential Needs Program

The crisis nursery is able to distribute donated items such as clothing, diapers and other essential items to families who use our services.

Admissions Criteria

The Ivy House is a 24 hour care facility operates 365 days a year. Children who meet the following criteria may stay at Ivy House up to 72 hours at a time, up to 30 days in a calendar year.

Child must be between the ages of newborn to twelve years
Child's family must be undergoing a crisis and be willing to meet with the family advocate and complete intake paperwork with a care plan including a minimum of one goal
Child must not require a handicap accessible home
Ivy House will accept children with physical or emotional limitations as long as the child does not require hospitalization, nursing care, injected medications, or major tranquilizers.
There must be adequate staffing to provide safe, nurturing, developmentally appropriate care to the child (we do not have enough staff to provide a 1:1 ratio)
Providing care to the child will not endanger other children or staff at the crisis nursery
Providing care to the child will not endanger the property of the crisis nursery or staff
Meets the requirements of the Ivy House sick policy for children

Frequently Asked Questions

Who does the Ivy House serve?

Anyone who calls and asks for help with taking care of their children due to a stressful situation. Children ages 0-12 can stay at the crisis nursery.

How do I contact the Ivy House about having my child come to the nursery?

Call our hotline: 507-766-6925, 24/7 access help.

How long can children stay at the nursery?

A child can stay for 1 hour or up to 72 hours at a time and for a total of 30 days in a year.

How many children can stay at the crisis nursery at one time?

We can have a up to 6 children at a time with a caregiver to child ratio of 1:3.

What is the cost for families to use the crisis nursery?

NONE! This is a free service to families. We are a non-profit organization supported by donations and grants!

Is the Ivy House part of Brown County Human Services?

No. The Ivy house is an independent organization that works directly with children to reduce stress and give families resources to succeed. Lik all organizations that work with children in Minnesota, we are required to report and suspected abuse and neglect.